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I accept the CONSENT and INDEMNITY


  1. I, the undersigned, parent/legal guardian of, understand and agree to the condition of payments set out below. I agree to pay the tuition fees by the due date and give a month’s written notice should I wish to discontinue my child’s training with Gaynor Tennis Academy. I acknowledge that there will be no refund or credit of lessons for my child.
  2. My domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes arising from this Indemnity Acceptance form, will be my physical address as set out above.
  3. Should it be necessary for Attorneys to institute against me for the recovery of any fees due by me Gaynor Tennis Academy, I shall be responsible for the Attorneys legal cost on the scale as between Attorney and own client. These costs will include tracing fees should I leave my domicilium citandi et executandi set out above without advising Gaynor Tennis Academy of my new domicilium address.
  4. Interest on any outstanding fees shall be charged at the prescribed rate of 15.5% per anum.
  5. I consent to the Magistrates Court in respect of any actions or proceedings that may be brought under or in connection with this agreement, notwithstanding that the value or amount of such action or proceedings will otherwise exceed such jurisdiction.
  6. In the event of outstanding fees, it will be in the sole discretion of the proprietor of Gaynor Tennis Academy to allow the minor child to continue with the tuition, until such outstanding fees are paid up to date.
  7. I agree to the Tennis Inc fee structure and annual registration fee. I confirm that I have received the banking details of Gaynor Tennis Academy. I understand to make direct electronic transfers in respect of fees into the designated account.
  8. All group lessons will run according to the Private School terms. I confirm that I have received a copy of the Private School schedule.
  9. Group lessons will be charged termly in advance. Private and semi-private lessons will be charged monthly in advance.
  10. Private lessons will only be made up if the client gives 24 hours’ notice to the coach. Group lessons must be caught up in the term that they have been missed, and will not be carried forward. No credits will be passed for missed lessons.
  11. If one of the semi-private clients misses a lesson the other client will be charged the private rate.
  12. If there is a cash dispute the client must produce a receipt received from the coach.
  13. I consent that if my child has a medical emergency Gaynor Tennis Academy can take him/her to the nearest hospital or medical facility all expenses are at the cost of the parents/Guardian.
  14. I confirm that Gaynor Tennis Academy can administer Celestamine /Allergex in the case of stings or allergic reactions and pain killers in case of pain.

  1. I consent to and request that my child take part in the tennis lesson, tournaments and tours held by Gaynor Academy or any other national tournament or tour that the minor child attends under the name Gaynor Tennis Academy
  2. I fully understand and accept that the activities shall be taken under my child’s own risk and I hereby indemnify and hold harmless and absolve Gaynor Harris, her assistants, the office bearers and the members of the Bryanston Sports Club and the principal and staff of the school, against and from any claims whatsoever that may arise in connection with any damages or loss to the property or of injury to person of my child’s aforesaid in course of any such activity in the knowledge that Gaynor Tennis Academy will nevertheless take reasonable precautions for the safety and welfare of my child. By my signature hereto, I unconditionally indemnify the proprietor Gaynor Tennis Academy liable for injury or loss or damage which my child might sustain while participating in tennis lessons, tournaments, tours, clinics and camps.
  3. I consent to my child receiving tennis training and coaching from Gaynor Tennis Academy.
  4. I have further read the aforementioned Terms and Conditions attached and agree that I am bound to Gaynor Tennis Academy on the terms and conditions therein state.
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